One thing I’ve learned about life…

Is that, nobody hands you anything. You have to work hard for what you want. I have also learned that I will never be happy with things. Shocker… I know. But there are so many things I want. And the desire for things and clothes and shoes and purses never seems to fade. I always want something new. Like right now I desperately want this beautiful bag 20140729-142331-51811151.jpg


And these beautiful shoes I’ve wanted for years….

And this phone case…

And this closet room…

And a life like this…

And a house like this…

And to go on trips like this…




What were we talking about again?
Oh right. I can’t have it all. Not right this second at least. Money can buy a lot of stuff. It cannot buy me happiness. I have to remember that all the time. It’s hard not to want. And I wish I could say I’ve found a cure to envy. But until I’m in heaven with my savior I will probably always struggle with wanting things. And there’s nothing wrong with that to an extent. I want a life I can’t afford. But dreams aren’t bad. They motivate us to do what we love. Dreams help us realize what we want. They help us set goals for ourselves. Dreams CAN come true. Just make sure the happiness is what you’re striving for. Not the money. And maybe God will bless you with both!

Also please please please strive to have a career that you’re so incredibly happy in. Don’t sacrifice your happiness for money. It’s not a fair trade.

Set goals. Strive towards them. Don’t be afraid to dream big!


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